I moved to the North East of England to go to Art college and ended up staying.

Since leaving college I have spent my time making sculpture. 

Originally I exhibited nationally as well as locally and during this time I benefited from various awards and residencies, which allowed me to develop my working practice and broaden my experience.

I became increasingly aware that I wanted to put my work in more publicly accessible places and  I used the opportunity offered by my year long residency at Durham Cathedral to do this and sited work outside on the river banks surrounding the Cathedral (‘The Upper Room’ & ‘Kathedra’).

Since then I have successfully completed many large scale public artworks within the UK as well as many private commissions.

I worked with Lucy Milton of Helix Arts to instigate the St. Peter’s Riverside Sculpture Project and became the Lead Resident Artist. The project lasted twelve years, one of the longest running Public Art residencies in Europe, with a permanent team of three artists, a writer for a year and involving over 15 other artists. Thirteen major artworks were created and integrated into the regeneration of a former shipbuilding area on a two mile stretch of the River Wear in Sunderland. The team worked collaboratively with many professionals including architects, designers and developers and actively involved the local community in the process, working with schools, groups and individuals to ensure a sense of ownership and artworks that are properly informed by their place, culture and history. A number of local residents have taken on the role of guides and guardians of the work. The project gained much recognition.

I have continued making sculpture and I am currently working on various projects and developing new work in my studio including a film.

"I endeavour to make work that is appropriate to its place, both in a physical and conceptual sense. I want it to be accessible, intriguing, involving and enjoyable.

I relish the challenge and enjoy working with many different materials having worked with wood, stone, glass, concrete etc. anything and everything including chocolate!

The theme of my work, put simply, is to transform the familiar and ordinary into something extra-ordinary.

When appropriate, I like to involve the public in the creation of public artworks whether that be; exchanging ideas, information and skills; working practically; or just working on site."


1978-80     MASTER of  FINE ART,  Newcastle-upon-Tyne University.

1975-78     B.A. (Hons) CLASS 1,     Newcastle-upon-Tyne Polytechnic

1974-75.    [Foundation Course],       Hertfordshire College of Art & Design, St.Albans


1992           Royal Society of Artists; Art in Architecture Award

1981-82      Northern Arts; Artists Bursary

1980- 81     Northern Arts; Awards to Artists

COMMISSIONS      private   public

2019  Hendon, Tyne and Wear (Hendon BeachThrones)

2018  Kincardine, Fyfe (‘Lady Alvas Seat’ & ‘Serpent’)

2017  North Queensferry (Golden Apples of the Sun)

2017  Trinity church, Washington (Font cover)

2015  Felton church, Northumberland (Font)

2015  Boldon , Tyne and Wear (Johns Seat)

2014  Loddon, Norfolk (Tower of Stars)

2012  Lancaster University (Pauls Bench)

2011  North Yorkshire (Odin)

2011  Durham Cathedral (Chapel of the Holy Cross)

2009-10  Elba Park, Sunderland (Underground and others)

2008  Rockliffe Hall, Darlington (Dragonfly Sundial)

2008  St. Johns Church, Egglescliffe, Stockton (‘Altar’)

2007  Long Benton, Tyneside (‘Eye of the Wind’)

2006  Falstone, Northuberland (‘Stell’)

2005  Newburn, Tyneside (‘Rising Moon’)

2005  Wynyard Park, Stockton (‘Celestial Kitchen’ & others)

2003  J. McCormack,  Sunderland  (‘Hat Trick’)

2002  Newburn, Tyneside (Communication Blocks)

2001  Dryburn Hospital, Durham; (Me and You, Both)

2001-1991 St Peters Riverside Sculpture Project, (SPRSP)

Tyne and Wear Development Corporation.

2000  Lancaster, Lune Valley; (Points of View)

2000 Greenfield School,Newton Aycliffe;(Winds of Change)

1999  Kentwell Hall, Suffolk; (The Tower of Babel)

1999  Henshaw Arts Centre, Knaresborough;(Maze & Ruin)

1997-8 (Shadows in Another Light) SPRSP

1997  D.E.F.R.A. C.S.L. York; (Tree, Books & Picnic)

1997  (Passing Through) SPRSP

1996  S. Walker,  North Yorks; (The Magicians Coat)

1995  ( Windows and Walls) SPRSP

1994-5 (Watching and Waiting) SPRSP

1994  Kirklees Metropolitan Council, Huddersfield;

(Looking Through, Passing Through & Up Against)

1993-4 (The Red House) SPRSP

1993  Wydale, , North Yorks; (High Window)

1993  (Pathways of Knowledge) SPRSP

1992  (Stone Staircarpet) SPRSP

1992  English Estates, Sunderland; (Always Open Gates)

1991  Meg Griffin, Penzance (Between Us)

1991  N.C.C.A., Sunderland;(A Trick of the Light?)

[decommissioned 1996]

1991  Scarborough Borough Council; (WaterLog)

1990  Durham County Council; Botanic Gardens (In the Shadows of the Past)

1988  Durham Cathedral; (The Upper Room)

[decommissioned 2001]

COLLECTIONS      private   public


2012  Sunderland Museum  (Architects Chair)

2002  A & C. Cooke, Dorset (Starbound)

1995  R&C Knowles, Morpeth, Northumberland;

1994  T&V. Preece, Worksop, Notts;

1987  Durham Cathedral; (Kathedra)

1986  N&S. Martin, Southwell, Notts; (Things Fall Apart)

1986  L.Powell, Sunderland; (Almost Kissing Chairs)

1983  Rowntree Mackintosh, York;

(Polo Pocket Puzzle & Smartie Tube)

1981  Northern Arts; (Tree of my Window)

EXHIBITIONS     solo    group

2016  Stone carving at Cheeseburn, Northumberland

2005  Roomers, Hamilton’s, Sunderland

1993  The Magic Box & Other Tricks, N.G.C.A. Sunderland

1992  Heritage Exhibition, UNESCO, Paris

1991-2 Outdoor Sculpture, Kirkley Hall, Northumberland 

1991  Made in Sunderland, D.L.I. Gallery, Durham

1990  Garden Festival, Gateshead

1989  The Sacred in Art, Long and Ryle, London

1989  The Upper Room, D.L.I. Gallery, Durham

1989  Sunderland Studios, Vardy Gallery, Sunderland

1988  Public Art Sunderland, Vardy Gallery, Sunderland

1988  Celebration of the North East, Mall Galleries, London

1987  Durham Cathedral Artist, D.L.I. Gallery, Durham

1987  Carved Wood, Contemporary Applied Arts, London

1987  2D/3D, Art & Craft, Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle

1986  Artist in Industry, Imperial College, London

1986  Modern Art? It’s a Joke!, Cleveland Gallery,

1986  Points of View, N.G.C.A., Sunderland

1985  Wood Works, Bluecote Gallery, Liverpool

1985  Fresh Air, St. Pauls Gallery, Leeds

1984  Double Vision, Hatton Gallery, Newcastle

1984  Artists in Industry, (tour) London –Edinburgh

1982&3 Northern Open, Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle

1981&2 Small Works, Newcastle Polytechnic Gallery

1981  Rooms, Spectro Gallery, Newcastle

1980  New Contemporaries, I.C.A. London

1979  N. Young Contemporaries, Whitworth, Manchester



2004-1988 Visiting Lecturer, Fine Art at Coventry, Hull, York

Newcastle, Leeds, Sunderland; Craft at Parnham and Crewe.

2004-1983 Projects with schools, groups and general public

1993-88  Part-time Lecturer (Foundation & Degree) at Sunderland University, Fine Art Dept.


Experience in organising and running projects, exhibitions, 

studio groups, etc.

Experience working with other professionals; artists, architects, designers, landscape architects, developers and building contractors; on large-scale projects.